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Our Recent Projects

Security system can be designed and pre-wired during construction phase. For longer than 300FT distances Fiber optics is the answer. For cheaper alternatives access points can be installed where network can be extended wirelessly 5-10 miles away if needed. In terms of alarm systems there are few ways to monitor your alarm system using either Alarm.com 4G module  or Alarm360, all can be accessed and controlled remotely via app or PC. Call us today for more Information! 

There are three type of gate operators we install and service. Swing, slide and barrier type gates. Grant access via window barcode sticker, wireless key fobs, key cards, or simply telephone entry keypad system. Phone line or Internet is required to send data remotely. Completely programmable for time zones, access level, holiday schedule, and so forth. Work closely with property managements and Commercial buildings. Call us today for a free estimate!

Secure your doors with either magnetic lock or door strikes. Doors can be controlled using keypad, key fob, mobile, fingerprint, or facial recognition system. Software is designed to provide full report who comes in and goes. Grant access for certain people and specific time and date. Video with two way communication can be added to verify individuals. Call us today for a free estimate!