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There are three type of gate operators we install and service. Swing, slide and barrier type gates. Grant access via window barcode sticker, wireless key fobs, key cards, or simply telephone entry keypad system. Phone line or Internet is required to send data remotely. Completely programmable for time zones, access level, holiday schedule, and so forth. Work closely with property managements and Commercial buildings. Call us today for a free estimate!

Secure your doors with either magnetic lock or door strikes. Doors can be controlled using keypad, key fob, mobile, fingerprint, or facial recognition system. Software is designed to provide full report who comes in and goes. Grant access for certain people and specific time and date. Video with two way communication can be added to verify individuals. Call us today for a free estimate!


Security system can be designed then pre-wired during construction. We never recommend installing wireless devices due to problems communicating, interference, and constantly replacing batteries. The most reliable way to communicate to central station is to install Verizon cellular 4G network device rather than using traditional phone line. System can be controlled and programmed remotely mobile app or computer to add codes or simply disarm the system.

We offer multiple ways to monitor your alarm system (video included).
The most reliable way is using over 4G wireless network or Alarm360. All can be controlled via app. Give us a call today for more information!

Surveillance system can be designed then pre-wired during construction. Depending on the project there are several ways to run wiring. For example hotel. We would run cat 5/6 wires from lobby cameras to the closest switch and put them on the network. Next set of cameras downstairs parking garage will run to the closest network room switch and put them on the network. Install rack mounted recorder anywhere on the network. From control center all cameras can be displayed and controlled. Call us today and we will be happy to provide free estimate!

Let our professionals design the right system for you. Whether it’s sound masking/noise cancellation system or just simply background music with paging capabilities we can make it happen for our customer needs.

We offer a video conference system that allows you to communicate back and forth live stream. The newest system we have is made by Infocus Mondopad ultra. It’s the Complete all in one touchscreen collaborations system for efficient face-to-face collaboration with people anywhere around the globe. Mondopad ultra to Video conference, white board, shared data, and more all from one seamlessly integrated platform. We also offer other systems depending on the budget. Other systems we offer is digital signage by displaying content or Just simply play repeated video.

We work closely with IT guys at Main Street ICS. They would normally design a system for the customer needs and we do the wiring and trim for the workstations/Wi-Fi access points/printers/etc. Depending on a customer needs we will often install two or four post rack in your network room and have all the wiring neatly patched and organized using cable management and ladder rack system.