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Security: We normally work with builder and they tell us what customer wants. In most cases we will pre-wire for all the doors, windows, motion detectors, glass break, smoke/carbon monoxide, etc. Once all the walls are painted we will come out and put the system in. We also work on remodeling and additions. No matter the project call us today and we will be happy to provide free estimate!

Monitoring: There are multiple ways to monitor your alarm system. Traditional phone line, IP monitoring, alarmnet 360 telguard,, etc. The most reliable and convenient way to monitor is using over 4G wireless network. It can be controlled via app. If customer already have existing alarm system, let our technician come out and see if we can reprogram that panel. In most cases the system can be taken over. Call us today for a free estimate!

CCTV: We tell our customers do not buy wireless cameras or even think about installing those around your house! If you want a reliable camera system there are few to choose from. We can go as far as 4K cameras over cat 5E cable or something basic such as HD 1080P cameras over RG59 cable called TVI system. It’s popular and used all over the country. No matter the project size call us today and we will be happy to consult and provide a free estimate!

We work with builders and homeowners to pre-wire a home during construction. It is very important to talk to the customer prior to discuss what their needs are. In many cases they choose to have wireless access points in the home for strong signal or certain points in the house for hardwired Internet. Structured panel is usually installed where all your wiring will go to. There are things that customers are not aware of until they talk to us because once the house is built it will be a challenge to run wiring in certain places especially on a two-story home. Call us today and we will be happy to brainstorm together and provide a free estimate!

There are many ways to install home theater system depending on customer needs. One thing we run into is space for the equipment. We recommend a closet where we can install a rack on wheels were all devices can be stored and controlled, all from a smart remote. Whether it’s listening to music different things in different rooms or watching cable TV and online streaming. Everything can be designed and installed to our customer specifications. Call us today for a free estimate!

Central vacuum is usually done while the home is getting built. It is also possible to install it in existing home depending on the attic space. Several inlets can be installed in a home depending on the square footage or based on a 30 foot hose. Call us today and we will be glad to provide a free estimate!

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